Happier Ageing Dreams Project

because you are never too old to dream.

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The Happier Ageing Dreams Project is about giving older people a chance to rekindle passions and interests. Whatever your dream – we want to prove that life doesn’t stop at 65 – in fact, it’s just getting started.

To enter tell us in 25 words or less what your dream is.

Our Happier Ageing Dream Team will then select one lucky person, giving them the opportunity to celebrate Happier Ageing with Nurse Next Door and live out a dream.

Nothing inspires like a great story, so our dreamer must be 65 or over and willing to share their story, or let us share it on their behalf.




Happier Ageing Dreams in action

Robert’s Dream

The last time Robert was in a Harvard Aircraft was 63 years ago when he was a pilot in World War II.

When his caregiver, Janet, found out about his passion for airplanes, she made this happen, turning this dream into a reality.